Green Gone Wrong

Green has gone mainstream. But most ‘green’ consumer products cost more money and have many, many tradeoffs to our health and happiness. Not to mention that green products still use many resources and need to be disposed.

What if we looked at a new ‘green’ lifestyle? What if we decided that instead of big houses, expensive cars and convenience foods, we lived in smaller spaces in walkable areas with local fresh produce available?

Instead of commuting hours per week or working in a cubicle, we lived simpler lives that didn’t cost much and made us healthier and happier?

What if we focused on experiences and people over things?

What if we had the time and freedom to fully live a life of meaning?

It can be done and there is now a huge movement toward this trend. Some call it simple living, others call it minimalism, essentialism, experientialism, enoughism, naturalism, intentionalism, etc…

But if this movement were to spread to the mainstream, we wouldn’t need a name for it. It would just be the new normal.

How about you? Does this sound appealing? Does this seem attainable?

4 thoughts on “Green Gone Wrong

  1. The “new normal”, I love it! Since we’ve moved to Florida, we’re living a whole different life. My son hasn’t bought a car, he bought a bike, and rides and walks everywhere. Love this new site, Green Girl! :)


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    information. I’m glad that you simply shared this helpful information with us.
    Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.


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