Tis the Season for Fast Food… Seriously!

Well, it depends on your definition of fast food.

This post isn’t about food that comes in Styrofoam containers from a drive through window. Even though I have done that more times than I like to admit.

It is also not about ‘healthy’ convenience food such as organic, non-GMO, dye free, made-in-a-lab mac ‘n cheese that can sit on a shelf for years, but only takes 3 minutes to cook… Although it is fun to eat on a rare occasion as a cheat food, setting the claims of health food aside.

I’m talking about the original fast food… good ole fruits and veggies. Granted, they take awhile to grow… hence the Slow Food Movement. But Big Ag, CAFO meats and lab made food takes awhile also… and a ton of resources.

I’m not advocating a 100% locavore diet, or any other diet for that matter. Every person has different dietary needs and most of us like to indulge from time to time. I’m just saying that this time of year is ideal to get the original fast food that is super nutritious and very tasty. Not to mention a fun day out!

It is spring time and Farmers Markets are starting to pop up everywhere.

If you can, try to walk there. Or, maybe take your reusable bags. But, most important, take your time. Talk to the purveyors. Ask questions. Revel in the community. Eat some fruits or veggies right there, or on the walk home. Bite into that cucumber, pepper or tomato. Grab a handful of berries. No cutting, dicing, cooking or cleanup needed.

Simple? Yes!

Fun? Yes!

Green? Absolutely!!!!

And folks, this is NOT the time to be frugal! Enjoy yourself. Revel in the physical and emotional wellness of Farmers Markets. We all deserve it.

Go out and support your local farmers. Our long term sustainability of the food system depends on it. Or maybe just grow your own! Your digestive system will thank you and you will be money ahead in terms of real WELL-th!


2 thoughts on “Tis the Season for Fast Food… Seriously!

  1. I love the way you toss convention on it’s ear! Produce as “fast food”. What a great world view! Rock on, Green Girl! I look forward to each and every new post. :)


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