Think Outside the Box

We spend 90% of our time in a series of temperature controlled boxes… from our homes, to our cars, to our cubicles, to our gyms, to our big box retailers and then back to our homes to eat convenience food from a box.

Let’s break this pattern! Here are simple tips for a greener, cheaper, healthier lifestyle.

– Try to spend more time on leisure activities outside the house. Except in hazardous weather, temperature swings are very important for a healthy metabolism.

– Try commuting by foot or bike or literally try to ‘run’ your errands.

– Try to get your boss to embrace occasional mobile work. With the right coordination, you can be very productive working on your porch, at a park or a coffee shop. I have even worked at the beach!

–  Work out in nature instead of a gym. You will get far more benefit both physically and mentally. Better yet, if you commute by foot or bike, and spend more time outside you might not need a gym! Just remember to acclimate to temperature swings properly.

– Eat more whole, one ingredient foods. Farmers markets, bulk bins and grocery store perimeters are great ways to avoid packaged foods!

How about you? Do you spend too much time in a box?

8 thoughts on “Think Outside the Box

  1. I definitely do. My son hikes and bikes for miles and miles in this hot Florida sun and heat. I’m a big baby in my a/c house, out to the a/c car, off to the a/c store, etc. He’s always trying to get us to embrace the temperature changes and acclimate to them. Your post is inspiring. I’ll try starting tomorrow! Thanks GG! :)


  2. Great article! I’ve just come back from a two week camping trip. Because this was in the tropics, we didn’t need a cover on our tent and I became much more aware of the tracking of the moon during the night. I’m sad that I loose that awareness when I’m back home and have been trying to think of ways to get out of my boxes :)


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